Family Physician survey results support federal leadership in health


The College of Family Physicians of Canada members have weighed in on federal leadership in health care, the issues of importance in the current federal election campaign, and our advocacy work. A short survey was sent to the CFPC electronic panel. It was completed by 352 family physicians.


In assessing the role that the federal government plays in health care, two out of every three members thought that more federal involvement is warranted. This supports our call for the next government to lead on health care through establishing and supporting national standards. Review federal party health platform assessment here.

Looking at a more detailed level of response, clear priorities emerged. More than half of the members surveyed thought that a universal pharmacare program was the most important health care issue that should be debated in this election. Funding for health care, addressing poverty and homelessness, as well as better mental health services were also nominated by large number of members as worthy of attention and focus. Home care, one of the focus areas for our Red to Green document also received a significant number of mentions as an important issue.

79 percent of respondents placed health care in the top three most important issues at play in this election. Many individual comments lamented the fact that it was not being discussed sufficiently on the campaign trail. These comments reinforce the vital importance of advocating for family medicine and health care, both during the campaign, and beyond. 92 percent of members agree that the CFPC should be actively advocating for these issues and we look forward to continuing this work.