Timely Access to Care Through the Patient’s Medical Home

Action 1.1: Standardizing the PMH vision across Canada and supporting reforms through a primary health care transition fund

The Green Party supports the concepts of timely access and comprehensive, patient-centred care embedded in the Patient’s Medical Home (PMH). It has stated it supports using federal funding to assist in systemic reform to help primary care teams transition to the PMH style of practice. However, no specific details or financial pledges have been put forward thus far outlining a concrete plan.


Action 1.2: Adopting the PMH vision in all areas of federal health care delivery

The Green Party has expressed that the federal government should do more to ensure all populations have equal access to care and has the opportunity to demonstrate best practices in areas of federal health care delivery. While the Green Party supports adopting the PMH vision in all areas of federal health delivery, there is no defined framework in place for directing federal agencies to undertake necessary health care delivery reforms.


Integrating Mental Health Into Primary Care

Action 2.1: Integrating accessible mental health services as part of primary care practices

The Green Party has expressed support for the inclusion of mental health professionals in primary care practices. The party has said it plans to make funding available to assist with integrating mental health professionals into primary care interprofessional teams to provide adequate care to those in need. However, at this point no specific funding commitments to enable this change have been announced.


Action 2.2: Supporting and adopting the principle of mental health parity through a mental health parity act

The Green Party has stated that access to mental health services is a crucial factor in addressing the social justice and equality challenges facing Canadians. It has stated its support for the adoption of a mental health parity act. The party has also said that it intends to direct Health Canada to better orient its mandate to address mental health and addiction issues. It also said that if it were to form the next government it would establish a cabinet post in charge of mental health and addiction.


Universal National Pharmacare 

Action 3.1: Introducing a universal, single-payer, national pharmacare program

The Green Party was the first party to call for a universal pharmacare system in Canada. It remains committed to this goal and has stated that universal, national pharmacare is the best way to support Canadians’ medication needs while also reducing the cost of medications. The party supports the recommendations made by the House of Commons Standing Committee on Health and supported by Parliamentary Budget Officer review to expand the Canada Health Act to include prescription drug coverage in this manner. The party also agrees with the recommendations of the final report by the Advisory Council on the Implementation of National Pharmacare calling for the establishment of a $15 billion universal, single-payer public pharmacare system in Canada.