Timely Access to Care Through the Patient’s Medical Home

Action 1.1: Standardizing the PMH vision across Canada and supporting reforms through a primary health care transition fund

The NDP has expressed support for a PMH-style interprofessional approach to health care delivery. It has committed to working with provinces, territories, and stakeholders to determine how to reach this goal but has not yet set out any plans or funding commitments.


Action 1.2: Adopting the PMH vision in all areas of federal health care delivery

The NDP has committed to adopting the PMH vision for federal health care delivery. The NDP commits to working with Health Canada to adopt the PMH principles in health care delivery for groups under federal jurisdiction including veterans, Canadian Forces personnel, inmates, and First Nations and Inuit communities.


Integrating Mental Health Into Primary Care

Action 2.1: Integrating accessible mental health services as part of primary care practices

The NDP has committed to reinvesting in the health care system and working with provinces, territories, and stakeholders to include mental health care as part of a head-to-toe approach to health. It has expressed a commitment to ensuring that Canadians can access the mental health services they need without worrying about out-of-pocket costs. At this time, the NDP has not put forward a timeline for implementation or a specific funding commitment for this work.


Action 2.2: Supporting and adopting the principle of mental health parity through a mental health parity act

Although the NDP has committed to including mental health care as part of regular medicare coverage, it falls short of committing to implementing a mental health parity act that would protect the principle through legislation.


Universal National Pharmacare 

Action 3.1: Introducing a universal, single-payer, national pharmacare program

The NDP has committed to implementing a universal, single-payer pharmacare system by late 2020 with an annual investment of $10 billion. This investment would support a comprehensive, evidence-based national formulary that would be administered by an independent public agency. Vocal support for universal, national, and public pharmacare has been a long-standing position of the NDP.